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BISS GCHG Storm Kloud’s Test of Time CA CGC TKN RN WWPD BIS BISS AM/CAN CH Wind's Fury Jacob Trailblazer ROM WWPDS WPD WTD CGC NR TDI VAM AAAM CH Storm Kloud's Llook At Me Now WTD WWPDX BIS AM/ISR CH Storm Kloud's Hhere I Am WLDX WWTDX BISS AM/CAN CH Storm Kloud's Better Than Ever WTD WWPD ROM
BIS CH Princess Nikkita Sno-Kloud ROM
AM/CAN CH Storm Kloud's Ddear to my Heart WWPD
CH Storm Kloud's Yyes Just Say Yes
CH Storm Kloud's Stormalong
Wind's Fury Wintersong CH Storm Kloud's Wwon'n Great Taste WTDX WWPDX CH Buccaneer's Murphys Law DEX WWPDX
CH Sno-Kloud's Home Free WTD ROM
Roque's Mystic Bijou CH. Atanik's Rogue This Is Chaos
CH Atanik's Rogue I'm Mo Awesome
CH Storm Kloud's Just Like My Dad CH Storm Kloud's Rrising Market WTD WWPDX BIS AM/CAN/ISR CH Storm Kloud's Corner The Market WTD WWPDX
BIS BISS AM/CAN CH Storm Kloud's Keep the Win WTD WWPD ROM
AM/PORT/SP CH Storm Kloud's Hharmony WTD ROM
CH Storm Kloud's At It Again WLDX WTDX
AM/CAN/JAP CH Kiska's Sundance To Victory
CH Storm Kloud's Tabatha WTDX ROM
CH Storm Kloud's Hold On The Past AM/CAN CH Storm Kloud's Reflection CD WWPD ROM AM/CAN/MEX CH Glacier's Storm Kloud CD ROM OB-ROM
AM/CAN CH Storm Kloud's Forever Yours CD OB-ROM
CH Storm Kloud's Wworth Wait'n For BIS BISS AM/CAN/ASIAN CH Storm Kloud's Vvanilla Snoman CD WTD ROM
CH Awanuna's Win Chill Factor CD
GCh. Kloud Burst's Sweet Brilliance at Battlefield Ch. Kasaan's Race 'N To T' Fortune GCH. Kasaan's Rise'N Up To T' Fortune, ROM Ch. Terrapin Kasaan's Look O' Fortune, ROM BIS BISS A/C CH Storm Kloud's Fortune O' Kasaan, ROM
BIS A/C CH Byeyo's Champaign 'N Ice, A/C CD, CGC, ROM
Ch. Kasaan's Fortune 'N The Making Ch. Terrapin's Kasaan 'N Stone, ROM
Snowland's Make Your Move
CH Kasaan's Alaskan Fortune CH Terrapin's Kasaan 'N Stone, ROM Can CH Terrapin's Cherry Garcia, ROM
A/C CH Poker Flat Terrapin's En Vogue
CH Powerpaw Kasaan Sweet'N T' Fortune CH Wolfmtn's Sweet As Sugar
Barrenfield Enemy Of The State
BISS GCH Kloud Burst's Sweet Emotions CH Kloud Burst's You're My Obsession, WWPD CH Terrapin's Kasaan 'N Stone, ROM Can CH Terrapin's Cherry Garcia, ROM
A/C CH Poker Flat Terrapin's En Vogue
Kloud Burst's She's Got It Made, CGC BISS CH Kloud Burst's Sure Shot, WTD, WPD, WWPD
Ch. Kloud Burst's She's Got The Look, WTD, WPD
CH Kloud Burst's Sweet Intoxication, WWPD CH Wolfmtn's Sweet As Sugar BIS/BISS CH Barrenfield's Major Knockout
CH Wolfmtn's Watchin 'Z' Terraglo
Ch. Kloud Burst's Feel The Attraction, WWPD CH Kloud Burst N' Kasaan Cust'm Ord'r, CDX CGC WWPDX WTD WPD TDI
Ch. Kloud Burst's She's Got The Look, WTD, WPD



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